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St. Tropica Hot Oil Hair Mask

  • $9.99

This coveted Hair Mask formula starts with the single most important hair ingredient: Virgin COCONUT OIL (VCO). That’s because VCO is the ONLY natural hair oil ever PROVEN to increase hair strength, by reducing protein loss. The VCO in this formula is Certified Organic, unrefined, and cold pressed.  The VCO base is then deeply infused with the world’s most-renowned HAIR SUPERFOODS, like Organic BIOTIN, GREEN TEA, HIBISCUS, AMLA, and HORSETAIL - all used for centuries & known for being super-rich in hair vitamins + nutrients... creating the HOLY GRAIL of all hair treatments.  The Patented Heating Action gives total penetration of the entire formula it gets past the cuticle and into the cortex, repairing hair damage where it originates: from the inside-out. This Hair Mask will give you BOMBSHELL results, every time. Expect STRONGER, LONGER, THICKER Hair, with brilliant SHINE. 

  • Instantly repairs hair damage from the inside-out
  • Helps stimulate hair growth
  • Revitalizes & strengthens dry or damaged hair
  • Locks-in moisture to help eliminate split ends and frizzy hair
  • PROVEN: Multiple Government-published studies: USA + Korea
  • NATURAL: Zero Chemicals, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free, with No Additives, Stabilizers, Preservatives or Fragrances
  • ORGANIC: 100% of the ingredients are Certified USDA Organic
  • CRUELTY FREE: Certified Cruelty-Free with no animal testing
  • VEGAN: Certified Vegan with no animal-derived ingredients whatsoever
  • HIGHEST possible score (#1 out of 10) on the Skin Deep Database
  • PATENTED: Heating action in just 20 seconds
  • SAFE: Microwave or kettle safe, BPA-Free packet
  • YUMMY: Amazing unrefined tropical scent 


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