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Cygen Labs Clean EAA

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Cygen Clean EAA is a combination of 8 Essential Amino Acids that cannot be produced in the body. Therefore, they must be taken via supplementation. This is where Cygen Clean EAA comes; it supplies 8 essential amino acids that aid in repairing torn muscle fibers, increasing protein synthesis, and increasing muscular endurance.

Cygen Clean EAA also has added Beta-Alanine to help buffer the influx of lactic acid so that you can push harder and the most out of your training. It is also dosed with a 3:1:1 ratio of BCAAs for optimal protein reuptake, and reduced protein breakdown. Cygen Clean EAA has also been formulated with natural carbs and added coconut water so that you can take it intra-workout, replenish your glycogen stores, and train non-stop to reach your peak performance potential

  • Stimulate Protein Synthesis
  • Increase Muscle Endurance
  • Added Coconut Water
  • Reduce Protein Breakdown


Non-Medicinal Ingredients

Pineapple Mango
Evaporated Cane Juice, Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, Coconut Juice Powder, Malic Acid, Natural Orange ( Annatto, Tumeric & Maltodextrin), Stevia Leaf Extract, Silicone Dioxide.

Fruit Punch
Evaporated Cane Juice, Natural Flavor, Coconut Juice Powder, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Beet Root Powder, Stevia Leaf Extract, Silicone Dioxide.

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